NCBRT is presenting a two-part webinar on after action plans/improvement plans in a pandemic response.

Part 1 of this presentation provides a basic understanding of after-action reports/improvement plans, or AAR/IPs, during a major disaster such as a pandemic. We will discuss the key issues to address and some basic steps to use when writing an AAR/IP. The presentation will also define after-action reports/improvement planning and their importance for documentation and continued improvement activities during a pandemic response. We will identify how conducting an after-action report for infectious diseases, which are long-term, complex incidents, varies from AAR/IP reporting for other incidents.

In the second part of NCBRT’s presentation on after action plans/improvement plans in a pandemic response, we will focus on the mechanics of writing the report: what to include in the report, what sources may be used to obtain that information, and how to use the templates available for writing the report. It will also include a review of AAR/IPs written for the pandemic response to the H1N1 pandemic at the local, state, and federal level.